Lisp dialect
This page lists some of the Lisp dialects that are out there.

Currently developed Lisp dialects that have a standard specification:

Currently developed Lisp dialects that are implementation-defined:

  • AutoLISP - AutoLISP is a Lisp dialect used as an extension language for the popular Autodesk AutoCAD software
  • Clojure - Clojure is a purely functional Lisp dialect with a strong focus on concurrency primitives
  • Emacs Lisp - Emacs Lisp is the Lisp dialect used in the GNU Emacs and XEmacs text editors
  • JazzScheme - JazzScheme is a Lisp dialect with its own IDE and GUI toolkit that resembles a cross between Scheme and Java
  • Lush - Lush (Lisp Universal SHell) is a Lisp dialect that features tight integration with C and bindings to a lot of numeric and linear algebra libraries
  • newLISP - newLISP is a dynamically-scoped Lisp dialect with a very compact and portable implementation
  • Oaklisp - Oaklisp is a Lisp dialect that combines Scheme, OO, and first-class classes
  • Racket - Racket is a Lisp dialect descended from Scheme with a canonical implementation, IDE and set of standard libraries

Historic Lisp dialects: