Industry Application

Industry Applications using Lisp

"Live Lisp and prosper."

The following industrial Lisp users are grouped by industry. Each listed company is believed to use Lisp either for internal use in an industrial application or as the basis for an industrial product. Some Lisp vendors provide lists of successful customers as testimonials:

Activities in universities and research organizations are not generally listed here, nor are freely available tools, libraries and source code or individual Lisp consultants.

To create an exhaustive list would be a huge task. This listing represents only those we have stumbled across. To add, update or remove a listing, edit this page.

[ An impressive list, but it would be much more interesting if (where possible) additional links to technical information were included. paul graham's site would be a good place to start, but I imagine alain picard and others can also be leaned on to write more stuff. -- Daniel Barlow]


Atraxis AG (other site)
Knowledge-based systems for airline management(?). Additional info:
  • SAREX: A Lisp Application in Airline Fleet and Maintenance Management by Kun Sun (Proceedings of the Lisp User Group Meeting 1999)

ITA Software
Cheap airfare search engine Additional info:

Mercury Scheduling Systems Inc.
Airline Operations Software.


3D graphics, modeling and animation software development tools for professional gaming and entertainment content markets.

AI, Expert Systems and Knowledge Based Tools

Brightware Corporation
Knowledge-based systems.

Charles River Analytics
Intelligent systems.

General knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engines. Additional info:

Cyntergy, LLC
Process knowledge modeling, automated planning, real-time Web site creation, intelligent communication. Additional info:

Genworks International
Knowledge-based engineering and business development tools and applications. Additional info:
  • Basic Lisp Techniques
  • GWL - A Generative Language for Building Web Applications by David J. Cooper Jr, (Proceedings of the Lisp User Group Meeting 1999)
  • Understanding Multi-state Generative Process Planning by David J. Cooper Jr, (Proceedings of the 40th Anniversary of Lisp--Lisp in the Mainstream Conference, 1998)

Liberating Insight PLC
Knowledge-based software solutions specializing in Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE).

Mark Watson
Natural language processing tools. Additional info:

Knowledge-based systems, natural language processing, computer telephony and speech recognition, machine learning, intelligent agents.

E-business and knowledge-based systems, applications for mobile devices and ERP enhancements.

SRI International spin-off company
Natural language extraction engine technology.

A small startup in RTP, NC.
Expert systems for the health care industry, using LispWorks in a multi-language environment.


Computers and Computer Tools

Beta Nine BVBA
Advanced software development and consultancy. Additional info:

GrammaTech, Inc.
Software development tools (the user interface of Codesurfer was developed with STk).

Lisp tools, consulting, Web design and hosting.

Computer Aided Design

Design Power
Software that makes automation of proposals and design documentation of custom products for the manufacturing, construction, plant design, and engineering industries.

Fractal Concept
Automated non destructive testing driving software, Internet applications. Additional info:
An Allegro Lisp based design automation system used by aerospace, automotive and others. ICAD's developers, Knowledge Technology International, was purchased by Desault Systems, the makers of CATIA and SolidWorks.


Covasoft, Inc.
E-business process execution management solutions.

Management consulting and IT solutions for e-commerce.


Open Technologies Group
Enterprise integration applications.


Sterling Software GmbH (formerly Mystech Associates)

Education and Training

Simulation authoring tools for education and training. Additional info:

Cley Ltd
Consultancy, training, applications and support. Additional info:

ITS group of CIRCLE - Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh
Intelligent tutoring systems for learning physics.


Radar Systems Software
Real-time applications.

Simantix Systems
System-level testbench generation and simulation environments for functional verification.

Additional info:

Chip design and analysis tools.



American Express
The company's Authorizer Assistant for credit card payments is a Lisp-based application.

Additional info:

Wisdom Technologies
Financial optimization systems.

Intelligent agents for trading applications.

Netfonds ASA
Norwegian online stock-trading service.


Point and Click Solutions, Inc.
Custom software applications for corporate and government needs.

Groupware/Project Management

Presentation optimization systems.

daybyday Media GmbH is Europe's leading supplier for web-based PIMs. They use Lisp internally for benchmarking and prototyping, amongst other things.

Insurance Industry

Meyerthole Radtke u. Siems
Uses Lisp internally for actuarial data mining.

Framework for building infomediary Web sites.

Buyer-driven marketplace for expertise and problem resolution.

Yahoo! Store
E-commerce. Additional info:


BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances
Integrated simulation systems for factory planning, logistics, SCM, and production planning.
IC3D - Interactive Custom Clothes Company
Mass customization for the apparel industry. Additional info:


Market Research

42 management consulting
Uses Lisp internally for data mining (Win32 app) and visualization (Linux web app).


MDL Information Systems, Inc (formerly Afferent Systems)
Applications for the pharmaceutical drug discovery (see success story).

Clinical trials systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

GB Software
Psychiatric Content Analysis and Diagnosis (PCAD). Content analysis of transcribed verbal materials.


MRAC Publishing
Music research and composition. Additional info:
Music notation software and services.


Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, University of Edinburgh - UK
Formation: system for the layout of British Telecom's Yellow Pages classified telephone directories. Additional info:
  • Formation: a Small, Fast, Production Application in Lisp by Gail Anderson (Proceedings of the 40th Anniversary of Lisp--Lisp in the Mainstream Conference, 1998)

Intelligent Handbook
Integrated publishing, SGML solutions, document management and text repositories, text parsing and search, multilingual applications, advanced user interfaces.
Additional info:
  • Using Lisp in a Distributed Document Management and Preparation Project" by Greger Lindell (Proceedings of the European Lisp User Group Meeting 1999)


S&K Automation and Robotics Division
Intelligent automation and robotics.


GTE Laboratories Inc.
Diagnostic expert system for telecommunications circuits.

Juniper Networks
Switching routers for carriers and Internet providers. Additional info:

Portus Group
Interactive Voice Response systems (voicemail, call routing, tele-banking, customer support, web interfaces, etc.).

Telenor ASA
Norway's largest telecom and internet provider. Additional info:
  • The K2 System: Lisp at the Core of the ISP Business by Espen. J. Vestre (Proceedings of the European Lisp User Group Meeting 1999)


Interhack Corporation
Services for secure and private information infrastructure. Additional info:
Stargreen Box Office
Independent ticket agency for pop and rock concerts in London UK. Additional info:
Online services for airline tickets, hotels, cars, vacations and cruises. Additional info:
Visual Information Analysis. An application written in LispWorks by Xanalys.