Lisp-friendly Web Hosting
This page provides a list of Lisp-friendly web hosting services, i.e. companies or organizations providing services or online tools specifically addressing deployment of web-based Lisp applications. Information and comments (features, reliability, costs, etc.) by users of such services are particularly appreciated.

General Info

Running a Lisp-based web server should be possible in any hosted environment. There are a variety of CGI options for shared hosting (see the CGI page on CLiki), and most Lisp implementations run fine on any virtual machine. The exception is OpenVZ with SBCL or JVM-based Lisps, which expect to be able to overcommit memory, something not supported by OpenVZ. This is not a problem for most Lisps and other VMs like Xen. Proprietary hosting vendors such as Heroku and Google App Engine have varying levels of support for Clojure and Common Lisp.

Hosting Companies

The Tech Co-op
The Tech Co-op is the leading provider of Lisp related hosting services.

From basic shared hosting for lisp, scheme and other non-mainstream languages, through Xen VPS and dedicated server offerings, no other organisation has the amount experience and background with Common Lisp that can offer.

The Tech Co-op is a not-for-profit, member owned, democratically operated services co-operative. The majority of the membership are lisp programmers.

On top of development and hosting services, the co-op provides a home for many lisp community sites (,, and more). Email drewc at or /join to learn more.

Copyleft Software AS
Small, Lisp-friendly Norwegian ISP. (Targeting the Norwegian market, really, so maybe this should be in some kind of local section?)

Lisp-Friendly Web hosting company. Can run CLISP, CMUCL/SBCL for you. Primarily using OpenBSD/FreeBSD but can custom configure. "Standard" Lisp hosting at $24.95 per month, with ssh access to shared server - your lisp image runs behind Apache as a proxy. DNS service included.

Public access and Free Software hosting

SDF Public Access UNIX Systems
SDF is a public access non-profit offering Unix accounts with web hosting and CLISP, ECL and OpenLisp (an ISLISP implementation).
This is not really Lisp Hosting but we are offering free CVS access, mailinglists and some web and ftp space mainly for Free Software Common Lisp projects. Restrictions apply, see within.