There are a number of Lisp hackers based in Southern England, looking for meetings in London, Oxford, Cambridge and places like that.

Likely meeting places:

  • Cambridge: The Free Press (near the Grafton Centre)
  • London: The Green Man (near Great Portland St. Tube)

Last meeting: London, Wednesday 13th August 2003, 7pm for 8pm
Next meeting: no date set yet. Ask on mailing list

As an aside, Dan Barlow suggested we try to move the meets to something involving short or not-so-short presentations on Lisp-related subjects. I think this is a most splendid idea and will be looking for suitable venues. [Ingvar Mattsson]

We have a mailing list called uk-lispers to which you're invited to subscribe. It's a mailman-based list, so just fill in your address and so on.