The Road to Lisp Questions
Follow these steps to participate in the The Road to Lisp Survey. Please read all the steps before starting.

(1) Click here to view the template questions in 'source' form.

(2) Select all the editable text and copy it.

(3) Click "New Page" at the top of any page. At the prompt, type in your name (real name, please, and no dots after any initials) as the page name.

(4) An empty edit box should appear for the new page. Paste the contents copied in Step 2 into this box. Add your name (the same spelling as step 3) to the first sentence, but make sure you leave the "* (The Road to Lisp Survey)" bit in there cuz that does important linking.

(5) Answer each question, deleting any italicized clarifications as you go. By the way, if you do not like the questions, delete them and write what you like.

(6) Delete all but the relevant cross-reference links at the bottom.

Nota bene! Do not delete the HTML markup characters or the star-parens around stuff, those things pretty up the survey and link it to the rest of the survey.