lispba - lisp users of the Bay Area (a.k.a. Bay Area Lispniks)

We've met a bunch of times since the meetings listed below; we no longer use this web page to organize meetings. Send me mail at if you want to get added to the mailing list where the organizing goes on. -Peter

We met again Tues May, 6th. at Le Cheval in Oakland. Send mail to if you want to be added to the mailing list where we do planning for future meetings.

Bay Area Lispniks will convene at 2000h on Tuesday, 2003-Mar-25 for Chinese food and conversation at:

<a href=''>Great China Restaurant</a>
2115 Kittredge St
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 843-7996

Next meeting: 26-Feb 2000h Triple Rock

We're planning the next Bay Area Lispniks' get-together. If you're interested in getting together, put your name on this page along with any dates between February 23 and March 8 that would be good for you as well as a proposed site, if you have a preference.

Okay, between the vote for before the 28th, and another for the 26th or later, it looks like we're down to the 26th or 27th. And Triple Rock seems to have the momentum for the site. Please indicate here (or email me ) which day would be better for you -Peter

26th 27th
 ok   ok   Peter Seibel

We've got one vote (via email) for sometime before the 28th. And he seconds Haflich's nomination of Triple Rock, citing "very good, house-brewed ale and relatively inexpensive food that ranges from tasty-competent to truly-inspired". -Peter

Peter Seibel -- any day is fine for me except the 28th.Okaland, Berkeley, or San Francisco are fine. Elsewhere if it's near public transit. (Steven Haflich has suggested Triple Rock in Berkeley)

Thomas Burdick -- For next week (2/24-3/2), the 26th on is good for me. Triple Rock is good for me, a bit far from East Oakland, but I can BART it.

The first meeting of 'lispba' is scheduled for 1900h 12-Feb-2003 at 'Ben and Nicks' (5612 College Ave. near the Rockridge BART)


So the inaugural meeting of the Bay Area Lispniks has come and gone. The charter members are Harley Gorrell, JP Massar, and me (Peter Seibel). We talked about (surprise) Lisp, the Connection Machine (which JP worked on when he was at Thinking Machines), and Harley's idea for a business that would use Lisp. I'd tell you what it is but I'd have to kill you; only Lispniks are allowed to hear it. ;-)

Anyone who thinks they might be interested in coming to the next get-together, feel free to send me any days that would be good for you, either days of the week or specific dates, and I'll try to find a time that the most folks can make it. I imagine we might try reconvening in a couple weeks.