There are quite a few Lisp hackers in the Benelux region, so we created this Local group!

Group members

Could everyone please state their name, general location and ability to travel, so we can select a place to meet.

  • Jans Aasman, Leiden, has car, can travel
  • Tijs van Bakel, Delft, uses public transport
  • Willem Broekema (wilm), Enschede, has bike and "weekkaart"
  • Bart Depoortere, Leuven, has car
  • Peter Van Eynde, Antwerp, has car, can travel
  • John Jacobs, Zoetermeer, has car
  • Sven Joos, somewhere between Ghent and Antwerp, has car, can travel
  • Joost Kremers, Nijmegen, uses public transport (newbie alert! ;-)
  • Arthur Lemmens, Amsterdam, has car
  • Steven Manschot, Oosterbeek, has car
  • Marc Mertens, Antwerp, has car, can travel
  • Stan Pinte, Brussel, has bike and car, can travel
  • François-René Rideau, Luxembourg, has caar (my first car) to pool, can travel
  • Leon Roos van Raadshooven, Zoetermeer, has car
  • Ernst van Waning, Muiderberg (NL),, has car, can travel; meet in Lisp(B)?
  • Erik Winkels, Den Haag, public transport

Mailing list

Our mailing list is BeNeLux-Lispers at Yahoo Groups.


First meeting: April 6, 2003 in Antwerp: see this mailing list post for details

Second meeting: October 5, 2003 in Amsterdam: see lisp-user-meeting-amsterdam-october-2003