Local Lisp User Groups

Please create a page for your user group. Try to create/maintain approximate geographical classification on this page so that it remains vaguely useful.

It may be worth pointing out that you don't have to call your group `lispxyz' where xyz is the first few characters of the area name. That just seems to be coincidental in the first few.

comp.lang.lisp is a good place to canvass support for a new group and see who may be interested. See also Bill Clementson's startup guide.

Check out the Google Lisp calendar if you're looking for (or advertising) a meeting. Or try the Frapper map or Google map if you're looking for a nearby lisper.


  • LispCERN - Lispers of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Cologne (Lispniks Cologne) and surrounding area
  • Italy The Lispers
  • London (presently untitled proto-group) and commutable areas
  • BeNeLux covers Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • Austria another untitled proto-group of lispers, scattered all over Austria
  • DS GROK LC - the Discordian Section of the Grand Recursive Order of the Knights of the Lambda Calculus (will meet in Berlin).
  • SchemeUK - schemeuk@towers.org.uk
  • DC Metro Schemers - see schemers.org
  • Hamburg and Berlin
  • Sweden
  • Bonn

North America


Meetup Worldwide