Lisp Consultants

This is a list of Lisp consultants grouped by geographical location. A consultant is as an individual or business providing Lisp services other than the sale of products or tools. See also the Industry Applications page.

This section is provided as a service to the Lisp Community. Consultants or third parties have added their own listing here: we do no verification of information claimed on this page. Please contact the people listed directly for more information or to arrange an interview.

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Technology services company providing hosting, broadband, and custom programming. Uses Lisp for web development and internal systems driving the business. Works in many languages, and offers discounts for lisp projects.


Alpha Geeks Inc.
Software Development: big data, scalability, mobile, web. Serving New York since 1997


Clozure Associates
Consulting company specializing in Common Lisp, with extensive experience in all major Common Lisp implementations, small and large teams available for any conceivable project including contract programming, staff augmentation, maintaining existing code, porting systems to new platforms, application specific optimization, project management, quality assurance, documentation.

Keith Corbett
Software project requirements analysis and design, development, documentation, and training.

Western Europe

Webapplications and E-Learning Tools. Most done in ANSI Common Lisp.


PMSF IT Consulting
Consulting, systems development and support in the areas of simulation, compilers and interpreters, databases and structured information, and Common Lisp.
Hans Hübner
Development & Consulting - Web systems, databases, embedded systems - Common Lisp, JavaScript, Forth, XML, FPGAs, ARM.


Web application development, consulting and support; Common Lisp and Software Training; Project Management Consulting; Software Analysis and Design.


Support and custom programming for SBCL or CMU CL, Internet applications, Linux and open-source software.
Nick Levine
Experienced Common Lisp developer and teacher, specialising in the analysis and debugging of large systems. Recent work includes: COM; SQL; graph layout and analysis; online payment systems; online library with dynamic web content. Consults through Ravenbrook Limited: software development; software engineering / defect tracking / configuration management; memory management.


Delrue Consult
Consulting, Software development and support in the areas of Cryptography, Steganography and Data Analytics (both structured and Big Data) in Common Lisp, Haskell and C++ amongst other languages.

Eastern Europe


Ufasoft Lisp team
Developing of LISP implementations and applications



codeCraft Consulting
Life is too short for bad software. codeCraft specializes in making life suck less when developing applications that look nice and feels right. We are a team of Lisp Hackers who eat programs for breakfast. We also spread the joy by providing training in Lisp.

Kido Software
Large team of skilled, experienced LISP developers. Offshore Common Lisp development and Lisp code maintenance.

High performance software development.

Latin America


Jorge Gajon (Mexico City)
Web applications and custom software development, mainly in Common Lisp but other technologies used include Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, GNU/Linux, CouchDB, and SQL databases.

José Ronquillo (Mexico City)
Software developer in Common Lisp: mostly web applications, digital image processing and automatic document generation. Other skills include: GNU/Linux, C, Perl, JavaScript, databases, TeX and PostScript. Write to josrr at