research organizations

Research Organizations

This listing is far from complete, and you are encouraged to update it or add new entries. It is intended to provide recognition to currently active research projects. The fruits of successfully completed activities might be listed as available tools or Industry Applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Auckland University of Technology, Institute for Information Technology Research
Natural language research. Additional info:
Institute of Information Technology Research, School of Information Technology, AUT
Speech and language research.

NASA Ames Research Center, Cognition Laboratory
Human-system modeling technology.

Nokia Research Center
Common Lisp is being used for Semantic Web research. Additional info:

Space Telescope Science Institute
Observation preparation, planning and scheduling systems for the Hubble Space telescope.

Additional info:

  • COSI: Adding Constraints to the object-oriented paradigm by Gary Curtis and Mark Giuliano (Proceedings of the Lisp User Group Meeting 1999)


New York University Courant Bioinformatics Group
Tools for the manipulation and analysis of DNA sequence data, for use in an environment for the planning, running and reporting of biological experiments.
Children's Hospital Informatics Program
Several web-based and stand-alone programs for bioinformatics, most of which are written in Common Lisp.
Center for Computational Pharmacology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
We invent tools and provide services (web-based and other) for the analysis and interpretation of high throughput molecular biology data, expecially gene expression arrays and mass spec proteomics. Most of our tools are written in Common Lisp. We have what we consider to be the world's best lisp hardware environment, a 16 processor IBM p690 with 64GB (yes, GB) of RAM, running a 64 bit version of Franz's Allegro Common Lisp. There is more common lisp bioinformatics work done by our collaborators in Dr. Shah's lab Additional info:


U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Lisp is used at the Human Research and Engineering Directorate. In April 2003 there were job opportunities for Lisp programmers.

High-Performance Computing

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Cluster Research Group
Cluster monitoring system (Supermon) uses data representation and wire-protocol based on LISP S-Expressions.

Physics and Astronomy

The CERN Common Lisp Users Group facilitates and promotes the use of Common Lisp at CERN.

Space Telescope Science Institute
Planning and scheduling software for the Hubble Space Telescope and other astronomical observatories. Additional info:
  • Spike: Lisp scheduling software suitable for ground- and space-based observatories
  • APT: end-user observation planning GUI with Lisp backend


Common Lisp Music
A csound like Lisp package for sound synthesis.
David Cope
SARA and Soucerer are MCL based packages to do music analysis and algorithmic music synthesis.
David Copes is offering a two week Workshop in Algorithmic Music Composition from June 23 to July 11, 2003.
Music Mind Machine research group (University of Nijmegen and University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Research about the computational modeling of music.