The RtLS by Road
Breaking down The Road to Lisp Survey respondents according to how they got turned on to Lisp, just one of several taxonomies found on The RtLS All-Kenny Page. Respondents appear in multiple lists if they cite multiple turn-ons.

Paul Graham
People who came to Lisp by way of Paul Graham's books and articles.

Language Curiosity

Emacs Elisp

Word of Mouth



Seek and Ye Shall Find
Folks who went looking for A Better Way and found it in Lisp.

Formal Education


Douglas Hofstadter

Kent Pitman

Greenspun's Tenth
These folks were trying to do Lisp, well, without realizing it.


Erik Naggum

Peter Norvig

AutoCad AutoLisp

Richard Gabriel

3D Community

Stephen Slade

Bjarne Stroustrup